Telephone MURs

Following a meeting with NHS England the LPC have been informed that from immediate effect across the whole of Surrey and Sussex the way to request remote MURs has changed.  Before undertaking targeted MURs by telephone NHS England South East must be in receipt of a PREM 2 – see full details of procedure below.

E mail requests can only be made using an e mail address – this is due to information governance requirements. Request made via other e mail addresses will be deleted and not actioned.  Send your request to:

Requests can also be made via post “Marked Private and Confidential” to:

Julie Currie c/o NHS England SSAT

York House, 18-20 Massetts Road, Horley, Surrey. RH6 7DE

Full details of what is required by contractors to deliver telephone targeted MURs is detailed by clicking on the links below:

Telephone MURs protocol NHS Sussex

Telephone MUR Sheet

PREM 2d – telephone

Message from NHS Sussex:
“Following the introduction of the new targeted MUR service NHS Sussex wishes to maximise the benefits of the new service for all patients and in particular for those patients who have recently been discharged from hospital or are taking high risk drugs.

This group of patients are likely to be house bound and therefore unlikely to be able to benefit from the new service at the pharmacy. To improve access of the service to this cohort of patients NHS Sussex will authorise community pharmacies to conduct this service by telephone. Community pharmacies will need to follow basic procedures to ensure compliance with the DT specification.

Pharmacists are reminded that under the revised contract at least 70% of all MURs carried out should be targeted MURs.”