EPS, Dispensing Tokens and Smartcard Information

Problems with Smartcards Contact Details: 


Smartcard Enquiries

Registration Authority

(Sussex) which includes pharmacies in Brighton and Hove

Call 03000 424242 and select the appropriate options for your area.

For Pharmacies in Sussex first select option 3, then hang for the next set of options and select OPTION 9

If you have any problems getting through please email:




South East CSU Service Desk:

are no longer taking email requests please telephone.





Dispensing Token Order Process 

Dispensing Tokens and NHS Stationary now need to be ordered via the PCSE ordering portal.   You will be able to place and track all orders on the portal and see expected delivery dates.

You are now able to order 25 boxes of dispensing tokens at a time.

FAQ section:

To register:

Support with registering or accessing the portal:

Queries regarding existing urgent orders:

Step by step guide to ordering supplies:





(put “portal registration support needed” on subject line)


(Put “urgent supplies query” on subject line). Place urgent orders by clicking on the “submit an urgent order” link on the portal.



If you have any problems registering on the PSCE portal or logging on please contact:

Primary Care Support England – Customer Support Centre


Phone: 0333 014 2884

PO Box: PCSE Enquiries, PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN


As at 27th September 2017, PCSE are aware of an issue some people experience when emailing their main enquiry email pcse.enquiries@nhs.net

Where users request a read receipt for emails the auto reply they receive indicates that the email has been deleted without being read, causing understandable confusion and concern for some users. Please be assured that these emails have not been deleted and will have been directed to the correct team in PCSE to read and action.

Unfortunately, they are currently not able to fix this issue. They are waiting on some new functionality being introduced to NHS mail 2 within the next couple of months, which they expect to resolve this issue.


Smartcards – Information:

Pin Numbers

This is your personal access code to the spine.

As soon as you insert your smartcard into your reader the system will recognise the smartcard is in place and will ask you to enter your number.

You should be aware that the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) being deployed by pharmacy system suppliers as part of the Connecting for health programme, requires each registered pharmacist to hold a  ‘smartcard’ to process the electronic bar-coded script.

If you do not already have a smartcard you will need to contact NHS England pharmacy team, who will be able to provide the relevant Registration Authority (RA) contact details, who will then guide you through the necessary registration process. This will include you presenting relevant forms of identification documents to the RA at a face-to-face meeting.

Once you have acquired your card, you may unintentionally render your card unusable, this will predominantly happen because the smartcard personal identification number (PIN) has been enter incorrectly 3 times, this will ‘lock’ the  smartcard and subsequently the user form accessing the EPS system. To ‘unlock’ the smartcard you will need contact the relevant RA team who will need to arrange a suitable time and location to physically ‘unlock’ the card for EPS use, it should be noted this cannot be actioned remotely.

In cases where you  have either lost or damaged your card , you will again need to contact the relevant RA team to arrange for a new smartcard to be issued.

As you can see the above processes could be extremely time consuming and potentially disrupting to every day work, so it is important that your smartcard is treated as an important tool for your every day work and handled with the utmost care.


Locked Cards

Your card will be locked when you have entered your pin three times incorrectly. It will then need unlocking by an authorised person.

Local Smartcard Administrator Setup (unlock pharmacy staff blocked smartcards)

South East CSU Service Desk:

Tel:  0800 021 3337

Request smartcard unlocker access for your pharmacy

Ask for the call to be assigned to the Sussex RA Team;

Provide: your smartcard UUID (12 digit number on front of your card), your name and pharmacy role, phone number, email address, pharmacy name and ODS/F code

Lost or damaged cards

If you lose or damage (to make it unusable) your card you must report it to the correct contact at the Registration Authority.

As you can see from the above it is important that you look after your smartcard and are aware of security implications if it lost.