Electronic Prescription Service Release 2 (EPSr2)

Heath and Social Care Informatics Service (HSCIC) are now called NHS Digital.  They produce a wealth of information  to support you to use EPSr2  including the tracker deployment information and a wealth of other hints and tips. click here to view online.


A special edition Hints and Tips to help you make the most of EPS has been produced by the NHS Business Service Authority.  It provides helpful information on how your pharmacy can make the most of EPS, with some top tips for making EPS work better for you and the answers to frequently asked questions:


EPS PowerPoint presentation slide show from East Sussex LPC training evening 8th July 2015

East Sussex LPC EPS 08072015 – Slides include:  Electronic signatures, Nomination, Dispense Notification, Returning prescription to the spine, Claiming and Endorsing, 7 day scripts, 7 day repeat dispensing.

  • Make sure you attend the business change meeting/practice preparation meeting for when one of your local surgeries are going to start using EPSr2.  This is your opportunity to discuss how the practice will process electronic prescriptions and your chance to discuss any issues that need clarifying.
  • Make sure that ALL your pharmacists and pharmacy team are fully trained on how to use EPS on your pharmacy system.  This makes sure there is always somebody who knows how it works in your pharmacy even during staff holidays and absence.

Pharmacy Business Change Checklist -Use this to make sure everyone in your pharmacy team knows how to use EPS.

Start using EPS

ETP guide – Going Live Tick List for Pharmacy Teams – an essential source of information from NHS England, which includes information about:  Technical enablement, EPSr2 Training, SOPs, Go Live Dates, Nominations, Informing Patients, Dispensing tokens, Smartcards and New Prescription Tracker.

Sign up to the EPS bulletin page http://systems.hscic.gov.uk/eps/contacts/signup

Patient nomination guidance can be found here:  nomination guidance

EPS New Prescription Tracker:

Allows you to check the status and history of electronic prescriptions. You should check the tracker before sending the patient back to the GP if you cannot find a prescription.

You can access the tracker using your PC and Smartcard.  Click the following link or paste it into your web browser: https://portal2.national.ncrs.nhs.uk/prescriptionsadmin

You must have the latest version of Java to support the tracker. If you are experiencing ‘Java’ issues, contact your supplier’s helpdesk.

For help on how to use the tracker go to http://systems.hscic.gov.uk/eps/library/prestrackfact.pdf


Electronic Repeat Dispensing Guidance:

NHS England have published guidance to help with questions around Electronic Repeat Dispensing.

This link will help you answer the questions below  http://www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/tsd/sst/erd-guidance/

  • What is electronic repeat dispensing?
  • Who is suitable for electronic repeat dispensing?
  • Is patient consent required for electronic repeat dispensing?
  • Does the patient need a nomination?
  • How do you prescribe an electronic repeat dispensing prescription?
  • How do you dispense an electronic repeat dispensing prescription?
  • What is a Repeat Authorisation Token?
  • Do I need to issue a Repeat Authorisation Token?
  • What about ‘when required medication’?
  • Can a prescriber cancel all or part of an electronic repeat dispensing prescription?
  • Can a prescriber amend all or part of an electronic repeat dispensing prescription?
  • Can the patient change nomination mid-cycle?
  • What if the nomination is removed completely?
  • When do subsequent issues of an electronic repeat dispensing prescription become available?
  • Can a patient obtain subsequent issues of an electronic repeat dispensing prescription early?
  • What if the patient changes GP practice with outstanding electronic repeat dispensing issues?
  • What if the prescriber changes GP practice with outstanding electronic repeat dispensing issues?
  • Safeguards of electronic repeat dispensing
  • Benefits of electronic repeat dispensing