ESCC to use PharmOutcomes for payment of pharmacy public health services from April 1st 2016

From the 1 April 2016 East Sussex County Council are introducing PharmOutcomes to manage payments for the following services from community pharmacies:

Smoking Cessation, C-Card Distribution, Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) and Chlamydia Screening, Needle and Syringe Exchange, Supervised Consumption of Prescribed Medication

For information about how to access PharmOutcomes and activate your account, please see the letter sent to community pharmacies below:

Activation letter generic – v2 sj  It is essential that community pharmacies activate their accounts before 1st April in preparation.

If you have not received this information and an activation code please contact:

Please note:  The last possible day for data entry on Sonar, for community pharmacies to claim for services provided until the end of March 2016 will be close of play on Tuesday 5th April 2016.  Please make sure you enter all your public health service transactions up until the end of March 2016 on Sonar by this deadline to ensure you get paid.

Any services provided starting from Friday 1st April  2016 must be entered onto PharmOutcomes for you to get paid.  PharmOutcomes is now active so that you can familiarise yourself with the templates (you will NOT be able to save data until 1st April)


If you have any queries, please contact the East Sussex County Council (ESCC)

01273 481932